Herfco, Inc

Herfco's full-service facility offers a full line of products and services. We can produce deep drawn parts in most configurations, using a broad range of materials. We do specialty work, and have the capability of helping design and manufacture your products. We appreciate a challenge, and will work with you to solve your deep-draw problems. Our quality control process guarantees reliability and service.

Herfco's employees are skilled and innovative, and have years of experience. Our facility is modern and efficient, and the equipment is technologically advanced. Our pricing is competitive and, we pride ourselves on our service, and delivery. All of our work is 100% guaranteed, and we are committed to delivering quality parts.

We specialize in short-run complicated parts.

We offer our four-cylinder CNC special deep-draw hydraulic presses that insure repeatability, speed, lower cost tooling: thus, lower cost on parts.

Our low-cost tooling is designed and made in-house.

We can accept prints in .PDF adn .DXF file formats.