Our Facility

Herfco offers custom manufacturing services from our state-of-the-art facility in Shirley, Massachusetts. We stamp deep-drawn parts from a broad range of materials and specialize in short runs of complex parts, though we can handle low or high volumes. Our highly experienced team also provides design support, and we design and fabricate tooling in-house to help control project costs. We have the right people and right equipment to provide innovative, competitively priced solutions for deep drawn parts. 

Our Facility Capabilities

Our main facility in Shirley, Massachusetts specializes in prototyping and short-run production volumes for deep-drawn metal stamping. You can find us at:

9 Great Road

Shirley, MA 01464

We follow Kanban methodologies in our main shop, allowing us to support Just-in-Time production and delivery for our customers. To facilitate Just-in-Time fulfillment, we typically produce goods in production runs of 1-1,000 items, though we can handle more upon request. We can also hold safety stock for customers to ensure reliable fulfillment.

Our facility focuses on the production of custom parts and components of any complexity, for any industry. We have three 4-cylinder CNC hydraulic presses, in-house custom tooling capabilities, and on-site engineers to assist with design. 

About Herfco, Inc.

At Herfco, Inc., we’ve developed a reputation for producing specialty parts of the highest quality. With our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art CNC deep-draw hydraulic presses, we offer cost-effective parts with excellent repeatability. We will work with customers to identify and address design flaws or solve any other manufacturability issues. We excel at overcoming manufacturing challenges and we’re ready to help.

To see how we can support your deep drawing project, please contact us today.