Design Capabilities & Services

Herfco offers custom manufacturing services from our state-of-the-art facility in Shirley, Massachusetts. We stamp deep-drawn parts from a broad range of materials and specialize in short runs of complex parts, though we can handle low or high volumes. Our highly experienced team also provides design support, and we design and fabricate tooling in-house to help control project costs. We have the right people and right equipment to provide innovative, competitively priced solutions for deep drawn parts. 

Our Design Services

We offer full design and design assistance to help customers fully realize creative concepts for parts of any complexity within any industry. Our engineers are there from step one to guide the design process for deep-drawn parts and components. Our team will also design the most cost-effective tooling possible for the part, enabling us to lower overall project costs in comparison with our competitors. We can also adapt existing tooling created by other providers to work with our equipment.

With our three 4-cylinder hydraulic presses, we can produce prototypes and samples for market testing or other needs. We then use this same equipment for full production once the prototypes have been approved.

For a new item, our design process goes as follows:

  1. Customer submits a concept drawing
  2. Our engineers assist in revising any issues in the drawing
  3. Our team collaborates back-and-forth with the client to develop a working design
  4. We agree on production costs and volumes
  5. We produce prototypes or samples if needed
  6. We produce components in repeat runs ranging from 1-1,000

Throughout our design process, we will seek opportunities to gain production efficiencies and improve cost-effectiveness for the project. For a simple project, we may be able to produce a design within a single day. For highly complex projects, lead times may extend to 12 weeks. We can handle component designs of any complexity based on what the client needs. 

We are committed to safety and dependability in every part we produce, so we integrate stringent quality control measures into every process. We use a variety of specialized tools and inspection devices, and all work is 100% guaranteed.

Benefits of Deep-Draw Metal Stamping

The efficacy of a metal-stamped component depends heavily on the quality of the design. With an efficient design, the benefits of metal stamping include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Initial tooling may be expensive up-front, but durable tool steel dies can be reused virtually almost indefinitely. Orders with ongoing repeat production runs continue to gain economies of scale that offset any upfront tooling costs. 
  • Versatility. Metal stamping and deep drawing offer the ability to produce parts with highly complex geometries. The metal stamping process offers more production flexibility than most other manufacturing processes and can work with numerous materials and thicknesses. 
  • Short lead times. While design and tooling lead times may vary based on the complexity of the part, metal stamping is a fast and automated process. Lead times for the initial run may be slightly longer but repeat runs will be quick and efficient. Deep-drawn components are usually complete after stamping with no need for assembly, further shortening project lead times.
  • Precision manufacturing. With well-designed dies, metal stamping can produce complex parts within close tolerances with a high rate of repeatability. 
  • Less waste. With good designing and planning, metal stamping produces very little production waste. Depending on the material, most of the waste produced is typically recyclable as well. 
  • Strong parts. The deep drawing process causes significant metal deformation, which results in work hardening to create very strong finished parts.
  • About Herfco, Inc.

At Herfco, Inc., we’ve developed a reputation for producing specialty parts of the highest quality. With our experienced technicians and state-of-the-art CNC deep-draw hydraulic presses, we offer cost-effective parts with excellent repeatability. We will work with customers to identify and address design flaws or solve any other manufacturability issues. We excel at overcoming manufacturing challenges and we’re ready to help.

To see how we can support your deep drawing project, please contact us today.